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Live Yes! Connect launched: 2018

Live Yes! Connect Facilitator: Kristin                Type of Arthritis: Rheumatoid Arthritis

About this Live Yes! Connect Group:   

I would like this group to connect people in the area who have arthritis or any other rheumatic condition. It is a place where people have an opportunity to meet and support each other. We learn positive ways of dealing with the challenges of living with a chronic disease. Topics such as navigating the health care system, dealing with exercise and relationships, and learning ( to quote a friend who has long dealt with RA ) to not just survive but to thrive!

About: Kristin

My name is Kristin and I am 54, live in Mobile Alabama, have a big family of four grown children (a first grandchild on the way!), two dogs, three cats, a big garden and an amazing husband. I am strong, athletic, love working outside in my garden, doing yoga, running, traveling, cooking, reading and being with my friends and family. I have also had many surgeries due to a variety of reasons, yet I have always gotten back on my feet and back on top. Now, as of two and a half years ago, I have a new challenge to deal with - rheumatoid arthritis.

A month before my 52 birthday I was on a trip with my beloved book club of 18 years and I realized that my fingers wouldn't move properly. I quickly progressed to a full flare and my wonderful doctor at the University of Birmingham helped to gently usher me into yet another era of my life: life with RA. While I am still a newbie with this disease, I am trying hard to learn the ropes. I have been trying to arm myself with knowledge and support so I define my life, not RA. I have volunteered all of my life: working in my children's school, in health care as a triage assistant, and as a cross country coach for 4th -6th graders for ten years. I have run over 25 marathons and am still as active as my body will permit. Support from family and friends has always been a necessary constant. While I am an optimistic person, I still experience frustration with pain, fatigue, relationships, immunosuppressants and many of the problems inherent in life with a rheumatic disease. Thus, I am excited to get this group going! I have always been the person who likes to find "an answer to the problem". Though I have been a little stumped on the answer part, I believe that life with RA must have many silver linings and I'm determined to find them.

I am a facilitator because I have lived in Mobile for over 40 years and find it curious that I cannot seem to locate others with arthritis. Our group is a group where we can inspire and share with each other. I like for everyone to have an equal voice in where we meet, what we discuss and what we want to learn. While  I have many ideas to start off with but will be open and flexible to input from others. Thus, I am excited to host this group! A venue for education, support, and connection with others who are dealing with life with a rheumatic disease can help many people..


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