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Live Yes! Connect launched: 2017

Live Yes! Connect Facilitator: Gary               Type of Arthritis: Rheumatoid/Osteo

About this Live Yes! Connect Group:   

Colorado Springs Live Yes! Connect group is a face to face, peer led support group for adults living with any form of arthritis and rheumatic disease. Our mission is to connect with individuals for the purpose of education and empowerment. Through educational meetings and recreational activities we will address the emotional, social, and physical challenges of living with arthritis. Periodically we will have guest speakers who will discuss such subjects as medicines, diet, exercise, insurance, etc. Join us for the enlightening information and the opportunity to share with others who understand.

About: Gary

I was a painting contractor in my fifties when I began dealing with incredible pain in my feet and a debilitating fatigue that came out of nowhere. After months and months of seeing doctors who did all kinds of tests, the pain doctor concluded there was not anything physically wrong with me and that I was just seeking pills. He told me even the blood work shows that my rheumatoid factor was within “normal” limits. Back at the podiatrist’s office one day I described what was happening to me and he explained that a body can have RA even though their blood work may show their RA factor is within “normal” limits. It’s called seronegative arthritis. Off I went to a rheumatologist who confirmed what the podiatrist suspected, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, AKA Rheumatoid Disease…arthritis is only one symptom. For me to say “I” have a rheumatoid disease is not actually correct as it has affected my wife’s life every bit as much as my life, we have RD.

A year or so after my diagnoses I came to realize just how misunderstood Rheumatoid Arthritis is and just how much suffering goes on because of the ignorance about RA. Now I am passionate about awareness and helping others who have autoimmune diseases.

My wife Susan and I live in Colorado Springs and enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren. I enjoy being outdoors gardening, fishing, walking our pup Lulu Belle or launching rockets with grandchildren. I also enjoy woodworking, painting, puzzles, and watching movies.


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