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Live Yes! Connect for JA Parents launched: 2018

Live Yes! Connect for JA Parents FacilitatorLissy

About this Live Yes! Connect group for JA Parents:   

To help support parents who have a child with rheumatic disease understand ways of improving their child’s life with pain and help educate them about the disease. Live Yes! Connect for JA Parents let individuals know that they are not alone and gives them a voice to share with others.

About: Lissy

Our journey with JIA began just as our daughter was turning 2 years old. In fact, we had to cancel her birthday party, because she was so sick and we had no idea what was wrong. After 3 months of weekly visits to our pediatrician's office and weekly blood tests, he sent us to Denver Children's Hospital to find answers. After a week of being hospitalized, we went home with a diagnosis of Arthritis. Three weeks after our initial diagnosis, she was diagnosed with Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Three months after that diagnosis her diagnosis changed to Systemic JIA. Meanwhile, things weren't adding up with our son and because of our experience with our daughter, we took our son to our pediatrician and asked for blood work to begin with him. His diagnosis of Psoriasis JIA came 6 months after the first diagnosis. In short, JIA shook our family to the core. Being from MT, it felt like we were on an island and that there was little to no support for us. After the shock wore off, I decided that my new purpose was to connect with other families and to ensure that other families never felt like they were alone. Today, two years after our journey began, I still feel strongly about helping other children and families on this journey.


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