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Our in person peer led Live Yes! Connect groups are not the typical arthritis “Support Group”. When one thinks of support groups, one might picture people sitting in a circle, in a basement, crying into Styrofoam cups of bad coffee and listening to people complain about how much arthritis sucks (to be blunt). The good news is that this is not us!

Each local Live Yes! Connect group provides supportive social connections and are inclusive to adults with all types of arthritis and rheumatic diseases. We bring people together for fun social and informative educational events and activities focused on mutual support and positive coping strategies for living well.  We offer a place of understanding and encouragement for both people living with arthritis and their loved ones. Group participants become self-advocates, develop self-management skills and learn how to not just survive life with arthritis but to thrive.

If you are living with Arthritis and its related rheumatic condition like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Juvenile Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Osteoarthritis and/or are newly diagnosed with arthritis, a seasoned vet or somewhere in between, you are invited to join us! Adults of any age are welcome to participate in our support groups. And yes, adult loved ones, friends and caregivers are more than welcome!  And in 2018 we are piloting a program to provide support to JA Parents.

Live Yes! Connect group are led by Facilitators, who are trained community volunteers either living with at least one of the over 100 different kinds of arthritis themselves or have a child living with JA. They share a common goal of bringing people together for activities focused on mutual support and positive coping strategies for living well via in person meetings in cities across the United States.

A local Live Yes! Connect group features a combination of educational and social activities that are inclusive to people living with all types of arthritis. Education could include health and wellness speakers, arthritis-related classes, informal round table discussions about topics that are of interest to the group participants, sharing of life hacks and/or learning coping skills and strategies. Social events are a unique and popular feature whether it's going to a show or enjoying a meal out with your local group.

Live Yes! Connect groups provide a supportive social connection.  Groups are guided by trained volunteer facilitators and are tailored to each group’s needs. Group participants become self-advocates and develop self-management skills.

To see the list of supportive groups and learn more about the groups in our network visit Live Yes! Connect groups and Live Yes! Connect groups for JA Parents and you can read what people have said about these groups.

If your community is not listed yet, please register as a new user and create an account on this website.  We will let you know when we launch a group close to you.

We are always looking for positive and enthusiastic volunteers to lead our groups. If you would like to start or co-facilitate a Live Yes! Connect group in your area, please complete the Facilitator Application Form to start the process.

Don't just survive with arthritis -THRIVE!

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