The goal of Arthritis Introspective is to improve the lives of adults living with arthritis and rheumatic diseases through wellness education, empowerment, and support groups.

Gathering Testimonials

Arthritis Introspective National Gathering Conference Testimonials

We appreciate the kind words from the people with whom we've positively impacted.

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"I found a welcoming, amazing family that I never thought was possible. Having all these amazing people in my life has only made it better. There is so much love and so much wisdom to be gained. I can't say enough how this group has changed my life!"

- Jennifer via Facebook

“For me ....such fantastic education on so many levels and subjects from the medical world, learning about advocacy & so much more..... the fellowship and friendship's with others that truly relate and understand what I'm going through is priceless !! I was so "lifted up" from attending the Gathering and was life-changing regarding my journey"

- Karen via Facebook

"Support, love, understanding, learning, sharing and having fun with wonderful, amazing people"

- Thérèse via Facebook

"Think of the combined years of experience to share with one another. It really is amazing."

- Shelley via Facebook

"The opportunities for learning are exceptional. The programming is great, but you also get to hang out with experts. Wanna learn more about what using biologics is like? Lotsa people will share their experiences with you. Thinking you might want to try blogging? Plenty of attendees can give you practical advice and encouragement. Want to learn more about how diet might effect your arthritis? AI attendees can tell you about the pros and cons of lots of dietary modifications."

- Melissa via Facebook

"It changed my outlook on life. I came out of my "disease closet" and became more comfortable to be open about my disease to strangers, family, and friends. I was able to find a really amazing fellowship of warriors who I could completely identify and relate to."

- Melanie via Facebook

"After the Gathering, I am renewed by the strength and courage of the people in our community. I am fortified by the unconditional love and acceptance and inspired to continue being brave and outspoken when advocating for our people both personally and privately. I am also tired as H$ll but it was worth it.”

- Deserae C, Milwaukee, WI. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis via Facebook

“Attending an Arthritis Introspective National Gathering is a life altering event. It is vital for people with chronic health issues to reach out to others with similar issues. It means being accepted and understood by folks that ‘get it. AI is beneficial for both people with a new diagnosis or who have battled disease for decades. As someone with RA for over 30 years, I have some pretty good advice for those newbies. In return, I get information on new treatments and technology.”

- Brandy, Los Angeles, CA Rheumatoid Arthritis via Facebook


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Submitted by Deb on

This was my first gathering and was a bit nervous.  Loved seeing on facebook people posting pictures of their travel experiences.  I was able to on more than one occassion say "oh, I saw your post on the airplane as you were coming".  Friday night I was able to meet several people.  I made soooo many connections throughout the weekend that were life changing.  I don't make that comment lightly.  Every single session I attended was exceptional.  I was empowered by everyone who was there.  I have never experienced anything like it in my 30+ years of having RA.  So many of you walk in my shoes everyday.  I was extremely tired but it was soooo worth it.  I have continued contact with several people.  I have made some decisions to drastically change my diet...with the constant help with questions to new friends.  I already have 4 new books in my learning process.  I learned so many things to go to my doctor with ....which I would never have my RA #!!!

I will not miss another conference!!

Deb Constien, Madison Wisconsin, RA via Facebook

Submitted by Linda Egleston on

Hi Deb, I just joined AI today. I am interested in events and the conference in 2017. I am living in Madison, WI. Let me know if there are any events in my area. Thank you.