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Starting a Live Yes! Support Network begins with a genuine desire to make a difference for people living with arthritis and rheumatic diseases in your community.  Our peer-led, volunteer run support network bring people together for fun and informative events and activities.  A Live Yes! Support Network offers a place of understanding and encouragement for: 

  1. Adults living with arthritis and are inclusive to adults with any type of arthritis or rheumatic condition of all ages and stages or 

  1. Parents/Guardians of a child living with rheumatic disease.  

Adult friends, family and, caregivers are welcome at all events.

Live Yes! Support Network Facilitators (LYSN Facilitators)

A Support Network Facilitator is a volunteer representative of the Arthritis Foundation in their respective communities serving either adults living with arthritis or JA Parent/Guardians.  The main function of the Support Network Facilitator is to plan and coordinate group meetings for participants. They support and guide others in their journey with arthritis - directing them to resources, sharing their own experiences, and fostering connection points with subject matter experts and the Arthritis Foundation. The Facilitators hosts at least 4 meetings or events in a 12 month period.  Meetings or events are educational and/or social in nature. Coordinating a minimum of at least 3 wellness education focused meetings per year is required and many groups have wellness topics at almost all meetings.  

  • LYSN Facilitators are people living with arthritis, caregiver/loved-one of a person with arthritis, or a parent/guardian of a child with any form of rheumatic disease.
  • We recommend having 2 facilitators per LYSN because our leaders are individuals living with arthritis or have children living with JA.
  • Facilitators complete a self-paced training program to provide new volunteers the skills to start and grow a support group in their community.
  • Each Support Network Facilitator is provided a toolkit to set them up for success.

Commitment:  At least 1 year.

Time Commitment: 5 - 10 hours per month


  • Plan, coordinate and facilitate engaging and fun group meetings and social activities and events
  • Promote, market and maintain a group that is supportive and a safe place to share thoughts, feelings and experiences
  • Add events to the online event management software (we will train you)
  • Maintain a group email list and communicate through our web based Constituent Relationship Management software
  • Report on support group activities
  • Communicate with the SN Leadership Team, AF staff, local leadership boards, group participants, and prospective group participants

If you are interested in starting a Support Network in your community please complete the Live Yes! Support Network Facilitator Application or JA Parent LIve Yes! Support Network Facilitator Application.  It is helpful to review the list of Support Network locations to see if there is a group in your community already.

One of our Directors will follow up with you to discuss this volunteer opportunity and requirements in greater detail. 

Apply to become a Live Yes! Support Network Facilitator

Appy to become a JA Parent Live Yes! Support Facilitator


The Arthritis Support Network provides personalized help and support to adults living with all types of arthritis and rheumatic conditions. Our programs offer opportunities for connection, education and empowerment via support groups and conferences.

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