Volunteer Testimonials

Arthritis Support Network Volunteer Testimonials

We appreciate the kind words from the people who help us make an impact.

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"I love volunteering with Arthritis Introspective / Arthritis Support Networks. I'm impressed with how grateful the people that attend meetings are, and the support staff with the Arthritis Foundation is beyond wonderful. They provide a sense of community, fun, and stress-free involvement."

- Barbara Grubbs, Columbia, SC – Arthritis Support Network Leader

"Growing up with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was different years ago when resources were limited to libraries and doctor's offices. Today, with the ability to connect with other people through social media and websites, it is much easier to find information on rheumatic diseases. I'm glad to contribute to a community that encourages a network of support and optimizing our abilities. I am hopeful that by being an ASN volunteer I can use my first hand experiences to help someone else live a better life."

- Trina Wilcox - Arthritis Support Network volunteer - Newsletter contributing writer and social media

"I became a contributing writer in 2014 for the AI newsletter.  Since I don’t have a rheumatic disease myself, writing articles about coping and thriving with a chronic condition has opened my eyes to both the challenges and opportunities people face.  I know my understanding and appreciation has grown, but it also surprises me to see the people who are touched.  I had friend of mine who has rheumatoid arthritis stop me one day and tell me that she really appreciated an article of mine in the AI newsletter.  She told me that her daughter was upset she couldn’t participate in the parent-child soccer game her team was having.  “What your said in your article helped me deal with that,” she said.  “I told my daughter, ‘Let’s focus on what Mommy can do with you, instead.’”  She said it made all the difference in that situation.  This is what makes volunteering at Arthritis Introspective so valuable and important to me."

- Sri Ramakumar  - Arthritis Support Network volunteer - Newsletter contributing writer.

"Once I realized that my experiences growing up with JRA could help others living with these diseases now, I realized that maybe I was supposed to be right here right now. When I found my RA family 17 years ago they gave my unmeasurable strength and support. If I can give that back to even one person through my Arthritis Support Network, I'm doing what I was meant to do." 

- Deserae Constantineau, Milwaukee WI - Arthritis Support Network Leader


Arthritis Support Networks provides personalized help and support to adults living with all types of arthritis and rheumatic conditions. Our programs offer opportunities for connection, education and empowerment via support groups and conferences.

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